little things

by Aspinall

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released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Aspinall El Puerto De Santa María, Spain

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Track Name: Always forever
At first we were alone
and since we meet
we were always two
We became inseparable
and my whole world
revolved around you.

You left it all behind
and I feared not
being able to make you happy
but now that time has shown
that together our love grows

So you ask, how long I´ll love you?
well this is what I have to say
past, present and future
always forever and a day.
Track Name: Little things
Well she knows...
how to make me feel alright
Yes, she knows...
how to make everything fine.
Well she knows...
how to say the sweetest words
Yes, she knows...
how to improve my own little world.

And I want to be around
and I can´t stop thinking..."I´m a lucky man"
´cause I need those little things she does
those little things.

Well she knows...
how to calm a great storm
Yes, she knows...
how to break a heart of stone
Well she knows...
how to swim against the waves
Yes, she knows...
how I enjoy being her slave.
Track Name: Another day
Another day, I´ll try to find on my way
it´s hard to say that my love is gone away.
Another day who makes me feel so right inside
another day, another day.

Another day, the sun is shining on my way
and I don´t care if I´ll never see you again.
Another day who makes me feel so right inside
another day, another day

All I ever needed was your love by my side
there´s nothing you can say to make me change my mind
I feel so sad overtime I think of you
but this summertime, the sun brings something new.
Track Name: Susan
I dream every night
you´re the one on my mind
I call your name
and then you smile again

Give me your hand
and please touch my face.
I feel happy inside
my love I can´t hide

I´ve got a feeling
a feeling deep inside
I want to tell you
please don´t pass me by.

All of my life
I´ve been searching for you
these chains of love
got a hold on me
Track Name: Love is all around
Love is a choice
love is like a prison
love is all you need
to feel a good vibration.

Love is a flag
love is like a dream
love is the flame
fighting against the wind is all around. is all around.

Love is a slave
love is like a wave
love is a tree
send its roots down deep is all around is all around.
Track Name: I love you
The world does´t seems to alive
when I feel you kissing me
when I feel you embracing me
now I understood the meaning of love.

The clock does´t seems so alive
when I miss you every night
when I feel blue ´cause you have gone
now the clock must be tired of love

I feel so good with you
rain clouds become the scent of love
while we are together
time will be ours

Do you know? I love you
Do you know? I need you
yeah! you know...I love you

And the world now begins to run
when we dream with each other
and if I have any problem
´cause you raise me up.
Track Name: Darker weather
When everything you do is right
you can read all the lies
while you watch her as she cries.

You don´t seem to understand
I´ve given to her the best plan
and now left without a hand.

I don´t wanna let her go away from here
and every time I think about her
I can´t stop to cry.
I hope all things are getting better
but still were no together
we´re got a darker weather.

But don´t you worry, the sun will shine
it will shine down on me and you
we´re going to be just fine

So promise me you won´t give up
I´ll promise all the same to you
sure enough we´ll find our luck.
Track Name: So sweet
Let me feel how spread my love
´cause tonight I can´t be alone
hold me close and love me all night long.

Let me be your lover boy
hear me whisper soft and low
can you see the magic moonlight glow?

The way you make me understand
when I see your lovely smile
I know there´s no better place
lying here in your presence.

and if I could make a last wish
I´d forget a lot of things
hold me close and love me girl, so sweet.
Track Name: Paradise
A man talking about paradise
he told me " it´s easy to find,
all you´ve gotta do is believe,
since you were born, you´ll be free"

I´m a stranger and you are like me
and nobody knows how your soul can be
all you´ve gotta do is trust on me
following my advise until the end.

There is a place where you can be
between the ocean and green hills
and in the air you can feel the magic.
There is a land where you can find
and where the Saint remains in time
you´ll be like in cloud number nine.
Track Name: Empty promises
I feel so tired
my mind is blank
it´s been a hard day and I don´t need anyone
by my side.

I want to sleep
dream very deep
I close my eyes to keep the world out of my sight
of my sight

I feel so out of me
that I can´t realize all the pain I caused you.
What else can I do and say
if you believe in my empty promises.

I want to sleep
my head spins
I´m sure tomorrow I will start a new life for me
by your side.
Track Name: Waiting for the sun
I´m waiting for the sun
I´ll wait until it comes
I guess I´ll have to spend my time
waiting for the sun.

I´m waiting for you, girl
I´ll wait day after day
I guess I´ll have to spend my time
waiting for you, girl

When the sunshine lights the way
and the darkness disappears
I can clearly see the place
where you´re waiting for me.

I´m waiting a good run
I´ll wait until I get old
I guess I´ll have to spend my time
waiting a good run